It’s a winery. Péter Bakonyi and Josef Kerl’s winery. We grow grapes.
We grow organic grapes. We have 5 hectares of vineyards in Siklós and Nagytótfalu.
We make wine in Villány, at 33 Dózsa György Street.
My first taste, my scent experiences showed that there was a strong message in the wine, beyond words, that the world was more beautiful than we see it. And I, too, long for words that cannot be said, to live beyond understanding.

Wine: metacommunication, mirror, image association, experience, walls decisive, divisive.

I fell in love with her during my high school years. I come from Nagyatad, we had grapes in Ötvöskónyi to my father’s liking, but this region is mainly about direct growers. In comparison, at the first large wine festival in Széchenyi Square in Pécs, I was touched by wines made with passion and expertise, and I was fascinated by the unprecedented taste complexity.

I graduated from Lajos Nagy High School in chemistry, i was going to be a vet for a long time, but in the end I became the black sheep by applying to the University of Horticulture from an elite class – there wasn’t even an entrance there at the time.

WITH PARENTAL HELP, we bought the first cellar in Siklós, in an impossible, steep place in the Csukma dire.

There was no water upstairs, just a beat-walled cellar with a couple of peanut diapers, I didn’t even have a car. I was guided by one aspect: to have a linden leaf! In my last year of college, I used to put the oporto in 10-litre cans… it was for the pleasure of him! After graduating, I worked as a winemaker in Villány for 6 years, at which point I had my cellar in the Zuhánya dire. In 2011, we founded our common cellar with Josef Kerl, he’s not a winemaker, so he was looking for a professional partner, and I was busy.
I STICK TO MY OWN STYLE: wine doesn’t necessarily have to be divisive, but I don’t try not to be. That’s the way it is: if you have principles, your own views, you’re going to meet someone who’s going to argue.

They said it about us who’ve tasted it.

Péter Bakonyi’s 2016 Makár Cabernet Franc was first tasted at a conference in Villány. It was the first in a selection. When I smelled it in the glass, I felt something I’d never felt before. I told the person next to me, let’s not go any further, we’ve got a winner.

Attila Sonh – Associate Professor

In fact, we are not surprised that such a great winemaker of this breed can produce something very exciting and unique. The body is dense and compact, light and soft at the same time, and this duality adds subtle elegance to every sip.



Moreover, Péter Bakonyi is not only one of the cleverly handily forked winemakers, but on top of all this, he packs a franc that, in addition to the current vintage conditions, practically masterfully and honestly demeans all the advantages and struggles of the so-called present. He does this obviously in such a way that the end result is brilliant regardless of the possibilities, not to mention unparalleled clean at the end of the day.



He started with linden leaf and a little fizzy, playful rosé, and it spread in South Barany that there’s a lonely, half-crazy guy here who’s a full-time blonde at one of the big companies, but he makes good wines himself in a place only he can approach. Then some cabernet came out, and it started spreading like the news above. This damn thing returned the fruit, not the tannin, the extract or the vanilla, so it got the focus of attention.

ELITBOR – Intoxicated by pure reason


Wine tasting

Taste wine with friends, colleagues, in the cellar, in the courtyard, with pleasure, with pleasure, after a walk, over dinner, just like that.

Bakonyi Winery, Villány, Dózsa György u. 33, 7773

For seasonal and individual or group tastings, please contact:

info@bakonyipeter.com | +36 20 589 1770

Please note that the minimum number of guests for wine tasting is 5!


Makar – Warm liver

Cabernet franc

City Hill

Cabernet franc
Bluefrank Austrian clone X Paulsen


Cabernet franc

Cold Well Linden Leaf, Furmint

Basic type of linden leaf

Cold well Kékfrankos, Olaszriesling, Princess, Portugieser

Kékfrankos cl WWW (Würtemberg)
Italian Riesling

Mandolás Cabernet franc

Cabernet Franc

Mandolás Syrah



Cabernet Franc




Bakonyi Winery, Villány, Dózsa György u. 33, 7773 | +36 20 589 1770 | info@bakonyibor.hu